Why a Foundation?




The birth of an idea is a powerful thing. When 5 year old Maleree was first diagnosed with brain cancer, time stood still.  Fear set in.  The world changed.  But the word spread and responses came.  Kelly was not alone in this!  As helpful and essential as the money was, the emotional support received was phenomenal.  He was not alone!!


So many thoughts.  What about other families not so fortunate?  Who would help them? Could it possibly be, through all this pain, there was something bigger?  Something good in all the bad?  Right before surgery, when Maleree's Daddy asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said "I want to be a good person". An idea came. Work began.  On August 2016 the My Maleree Mae Foundation was incorporated. It became non-profit in June 2017.


Meanwhile, It was time to do real work.  On the street.  Within days, Kelly spent nearly every waking moment forming events to help three children battling cancer.  Not the recommended way to start. We were hoping to find one child.  But how do you say no?  We couldn’t.  Even when we found a fourth, a local child, needing help before we were ready to launch the foundation. But time does not wait for these babies when they are in the fight of their lives.


No One Fights Alone!



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