Maleree Mae Chambers

born December 16, 2009


Maleree Mae loves “pink, arts & crafts, dancing, her Mommy, her Daddy, boating, dogs, cats, butterflies and Jesus.”  When her Daddy asked what she wants to be when she grows up, her answer was “to be a good person.” June 3, 2016  she was diagnosed with a life-threatening, aggressive high-grade glioma brain cancer.


UC Davis put out feelers to Boston, UCSF, Oakland, St. Judes and New York looking for an available surgeon. Her father, Kelly Chambers,  basically walked away from his muffler shop that he has owned and operated for the past 25 years, to be with his precious daughter. We continue to pray for a miracle from the God she loves.







This is her cancer story:

May 2016


Maleree’s eye doctor found both her optical nerves hemorrhaged due to intense pressure.  She was rushed to UC Davis where an MRI showed a 1 cm mass at the back portion of her brain.

June - July - August 2016


There was confusion over whether the tumor was low grade or high grade Glioma.  We had difficulty finding a surgeon willing to perform the operation because of its delicate location and chance of complications.  It’s a waiting game, demanding follow-up, trying to get in contact with the powers-that-be. Searching for alternatives.  Frustration.  And always the waiting.  And praying.  Finally a surgeon is found.

The doctors intended to put a shunt in her brain to release the pressure and drain fluid, but were able to create a channel instead.  A biopsy was sent to Boston to determine if the tumor was benign or malignant.


September 2016


Dr. Gupta at UCSF performed the three hour surgery.  The tumor was completely removed and diagnosed as Anaplastic Ependymoma. There were some initial complications with her eyesight, but it was not long lasting.

November 2016


Maleree began 31 rounds of radiation treatments  over a six week period, five days a week.  Lots of trips back and forth from Paradise to San Francisco.

December 2016


Hurray!!  Radiation completed!


Now there will be MRI monitoring at three-month intervals.

January 2017


The first MRI since surgery came back clean.

Time to celebrate!  So thankful for everyone’s prayers.

April 2017


MRI Stress has become a new given.  Starting during the approaching weeks, as soon as the appointment date is known.  But the second MRI came back clean!


We are so thankful!!

July 2017



The third MRI done  Still clean!  No sign of the tumor coming back.  It was a good day!!

October 2017



The fourth MRI is complete and clean!!  No sign of the tumor.  YAY!!   Now it's time to get back to work with my Daddy on our latest project for my foundation.

February 2018



Maleree is still cancer free.  Thank God, another clean MRI!

June 2018



Hell Yaa!! Maleree's report shows her MRI CLEAR!! No Cancer!! That means we get another 3 month hall pass!!

September 2018



Devastating News! The MRI shows Maleree's tumor is back! Waiting on the UCSF tumor board to meet and discuss next steps.

Meanwhile life of a eight year old continues…



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